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We were formed in 2005 by conservationist Dale Arrowood. Click here to learn more about our origins and our mission.

Bird Shows and Encounters

We offer a wide variety of shows, displays, events, and encounters. Click here to learn about what shows we offer and how to get one at your event.

The Featherless Team

Besides our birds, we have a variety of staff and volunteers who help make this show possible. Click here to learn about our staff, volunteers, and our volunteer program.

Our Latest News! (August/September 2018)

Lobo will have his feathers all ready for fall!

Our birds and volunteers work together to educate the public.

Interaction is a great way for people to learn about the natural world.

Gearing Up for Fall

Winged Ambassadors is busy most times of the year, but we attend the most fairs, festivals, and other events during the autumn. Fall is a great time for us because most of our birds are finished moulting. This means they have brand new feathers to help them fly (and look good doing it). Not only that, but fall also brings wonderful mild weather which is fantastic for being outside and flying birds in. We have many exciting events planned for this fall, and many more on the way, so be sure to check back on our "Bird Shows" page very soon to see all of our upcoming fall show dates.

Training Under Way

We are always reinventing our program to keep things fresh, educational, and new. One way we make sure to keep things interesting is by continuing to train new volunteers and birds. One of our newest birds, our bald eagle Liberty, requires special training due to her nature as an eagle. In the year since we've gotten her, she's done an exceptional job adjusting to crowds, new handlers, and flying for the show.

As for the humans involved in our program, our human volunteers are also doing very well in training. The best way to make a good falconer a great falconer is through a lot of hard work and experience, and that shows in our dedicated volunteers. If you have an interest in working with Winged Ambassadors, there couldn't be a better time to get started than Autumn. There are plenty of shows to go to, and the weather is always wonderful. If you're interested in joining our team, then please contact Emerson Miller at hawkward@wingedambassadors.org for more info.

Website Revamp

We're very excited to announce our new plans for our website. We now plan on regularly updating images of our birds, and will be revamping all of the text and content on the website. The layout will remain the same--but you can now check back for regular updates of new content including news (which you can find here!), new pictures, new biographies, and more! Stay tuned!

Meet some of our incredible birdsCheck back periodically for new pictures with new facts!

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Places we have Flown BirdsWe primarily travel around the southeastern United States

Our primary venue is Historic Banning Mills, Whitesburg, GA.

Our TV and Movie StarsOur birds have had some time in the spotlight!

Raw Travel TV"The Surprising South" Episode 316

The Walking DeadSeason 2

Winged Ambassadors Birds of Prey

Sharpsburg, GA.