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We were formed in 2005 by conservationist Dale Arrowood. Click here to learn more about our origins and our mission.

Bird Shows and Encounters

We offer a wide variety of shows, displays, events, and encounters. Click here to learn about what shows we offer and how to get one at your event.

The Featherless Team

Besides our birds, we have a variety of staff and volunteers who help make this show possible. Click here to learn about our staff, volunteers, and our volunteer program.

Our Latest News! (October/November 2018)

Robin showing a beautiful albino lionhead bunny!

Daniel at Banning Mills with his amazing girl Xena, an albino burmese python.

Robin with our very own Quasimoto. When we work with other groups, we always collaborate and work with one another's animals to create a unified, complete show.

Dan with a baby porcupine!

Friends of Winged Ambasadors

Anyone who knows us knows that we care about more than just raptors--we care about all nature and wildlife. That's why we're always happy when one of our many friends stops by to help us at our Banning Mills shows! Our most frequent guests include Robin Pressley-Keough from Robin's Animal Adventures and Daniel Hall, who brings his wonderful animals to us from his petting zoo Tickled Pink. When our friends come by, we're able to educate the public on not than just raptors, but all kinds of wildlife from all around the world. Some of the animals they bring include crow hybrids, pythons, bunnies, ducks, possums, turtles, alligators, and more! We love being able to educate the public about all the beautiful animals we share the world with, so we hope you'll stop by one of our Banning Mills shows to see some of our amazing friends.

Season Winds Down

Right now, it's autumn, and Winged Ambassador's busy season. We love going to lots of shows, festivals, and events during this time! However, in just a few months, Winged Ambassadors will enter its off-season for the winter. When its cold outside, there are generally fewer events for us to fly our birds at--as a result, we usually do little to no public shows during winter (although we always offer private shows!). Of course we'll be back in the spring, but make sure to catch us one last time before the winter hits!

Meet some of our incredible birdsCheck back periodically for new pictures with new facts!

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Places we have Flown BirdsWe primarily travel around the southeastern United States

Our primary venue is Historic Banning Mills, Whitesburg, GA.

Our TV and Movie StarsOur birds have had some time in the spotlight!

Raw Travel TV"The Surprising South" Episode 316

The Walking DeadSeason 2

Winged Ambassadors Birds of Prey

Sharpsburg, GA.