You can also see us at Tractor Supply Co.!

Winged Ambassadors is based out of Sharpsburg, GA, but tours all around the southeast in an effort to educate the public on these magnificent birds. When Dale and a couple volunteers have time, we often set up a stand with our birds to educate passerbys about our beautiful raptors. Keep an eye out the next time you stop by Tractor Supply Co.!

Live Shows and Programs

Here at Winged Ambassadors, we strive to make a show that is interesting, entertaining, and educational. We hope all of our guests leave our shows with more than they came with.

Along with our public appearances, we offer a variety of private events. We offer shows for both large and small groups. While large events with more people usually involve a show, smaller groups of people usually opt for one of our falconry experiences, like 'Hunting With Birds of Prey' or 'Ancient Art of Falconry'. See our options and info below and find what's right for your group or event.

We have two types of live bird shows, both ‘static’ and ‘flighted’. Static bird shows are ones without much, or any, flying. This show will mostly involve birds being handled by fist and/or on perches, which is great for photography and getting closer to the birds. These types of shows are perfect for venues with limited space. On the other hand, flighted shows will include birds flying and chasing after a lure. Flighted shows can also contain some static birds, if desired. While static shows are always possible, flighted shows require more space for the birds to be able to safely chase after the lure and properly demonstrate their abilities. As such, this type of show is generally more suited to an outdoor venue.

Both types of shows will contain facts about the birds, falconry, and the history of each. We use a wide variety of birds, including hawks, buzzards, hybrid falcons, falcons, vultures, eagles, eagle owls, and more. This page details some of the types of shows, events, and activities we offer and where we offer them. Please look around and find the excursion that’s right for you. Don't see what you're looking for? Get in touch with us and we'll see what we can arrange for your group or event.

School & Library Events

Winged Ambassadors can come to your local school or library to educate our young people on our beautiful wildlife! Kids will have a chance to learn about both native and exotic animals, and will learn about the environment, conservation, and amazing facts about our incredible raptors. This is a perfect way to engage young people with the world around them.

Corporate & Sporting Events

Need to spice up a corporate event or meeting? We will come to you to put on a great show for your staff and clients. This serves as a great learning experience, as well as a way to bring coworkers together. We can also do shows at sporting events!


We can fly at your wedding! Everyone wants something different; whether you want a picture with owls or a display of falcons, we can make it happen. Contact us to learn more and arrange an event!

Birthday Parties

Do you have a child who loves nature, the outdoors, birds, or wildlife? Then they will love our program! We bring our birds to your birthday party, and allow kids to see and learn about our amazing animals.

Summer Camps

We can be a part of your children's summer camps! We offer both static and flighted shows at summer camps. Both show types are very educational and interactive, and allow children to learn about both native and exotic raptors. Contact us to learn more about getting our birds to your camp!

Ancient Art of Falconry

Our guests have the chance to learn about the history of falconry, what equipment we use, weighing, feeding, housing and permitting of the birds. Guests will then have a chance to experience live handling, training, and flying of the birds. We will also walk you through lure flying one of our birds! Our program uses the Eurasian Eagle owl, and various falcons, including lanner falcons and saker-gyr falcon hybrids. Our participants will also get to see and learn more about many indiginous species of raptors.

This program is 4-5 hours long. Price is $300 for up to 4 participants. For more than 4 guests, there will be an additional $60 per person. Maximum number of participants is 10. All attendees must be 10 years or older to participate. This program is open all year, with the exception of major holidays and December 22nd through January 2nd. This event was made possible in part by our friends at Banning Mills. For more info or to arrange a date, please go here.

Hunting with Birds of Prey

In this unique experience, you can accompany Dale Arrowood on a trek through the woods to hunt with some of our amazing birds of prey. Connect both with wildlife and human history through this amazing birds of prey experience! This once in a lifetime opportunity to practice the sport of kings should not be missed. This event is made possible by our good friends and sponsors at Banning Mills.

Fairs & Festivals

Winged Ambassadors loves going out to festivals big and small. We are usually able to offer a static show all day at festivals, with flighted shows at designated times throughout the day. Be it at a renaissance festival or a county fair, Winged Ambassadors can be there!