Winged Ambassadors dedicates this page to our supporters, our servicemen and volunteers.

U.S. Navy engineman 2nd Class, was among 17 sailors killed on Oct. 12, 2000, in a terrorist attack on the USS Cole as it was docked for refueling in Aden Harbor, Yemen. (Left)

It is our hope that we can encourage you to implement the teachings of "Evan's Message" in your life through sharing his story. (Right)

In memory of ...Marc Ian Nieto

Engineman 2nd Class Marc I. Nieto of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, formerly of Sidney was a 1994 graduate of Goodrich High School and enlisted in the United States Navy on Dec. 6, 1994 and was just two weeks away from finishing his stint in the service after six years. He worked in the engine room on the USS Cole and loved repairing machinery. He oversaw the Cole's air-conditioning and reverse-osmosis water purification systems. He could break down and rebuild almost anything. His biggest joy in life was his vehicles, working on the engines. He was always into engines and repairing. He had a truck and he had an '81 Camaro that he had been working on and rebuilding the engine. Marc was also a bodybuilding fanatic and jokester who dispensed nicknames like royal commissions to the young sailors who struck up with him. He was a dedicated sailor and very proud to serve his country in the Navy. In his six years of service, he was promoted five times and earned nine commendations including the Navy Achievement Medal and Good Conduct Medal. Image by Michael Mentzer, Jan 2, 2010

He is remembered by his family, friends and shipmates for his strong resolve, relentless determination, and infectious sense of humor, which kept them all on their toes. Marc is survived by his mother and stepfather, Sharon and Norman Priepke; His father, Jesse Nieto, his sister, Connie Wind; his brother, Jeffrey McKee; his grandparents, Edward and Lorraine Crabb; his step great-grandmother, Vida Kleisten among others. Marc was killed in al-Qaida's 2000 bombing of a U.S. Navy destroyer in Yemen along with 16 of his shipmates on the USS Cole. Although he was buried at sea, he has a memorial marker at Arlington National Cemetery.

In memory of ...Evan Carswell

The only child of one of Winged Ambassadors original co-founders, Ed and his wife, Jennifer Carswell, Evan was a member of the Winged Ambassadors family. Nobody could have ever prepared for the road his life would take him traveling down, the road ultimately responsible for creating "Evan's Message".At just 16 years old, Evan was diagnosed with a very aggressive and rare form of Brain Cancer. The next 14 months of his life became a battlefield upon which he waged war against his illness. His life took on a new routine that included daily trips for radiation treatments, chemotherapy infusions, doctor's appointments, and scans. Throughout everything he faced, he met his challenges with optimism, courage, and faith. As just a child, he touched countless lives of people, some young and some old.

Based out of Fayetteville, GA., members of this camera club are seen quite regularly at our shows. Janet Newton and Ted Boemanns, and several others have shared mush of their work with us.

On March 15, 2010, his battle with cancer was over and Evan valiantly returned to our Father in Heaven's warm embrace. We were touched by him; we were blessed by watching him; we will never forget the message he left for those of us with some time still left on this earth: Even through the greatest and most difficult challenges we face in this life, nothing can take away love, hope, and faith unless we allow them to be taken. We proudly dedicate this website to Evan and his wonderful parents, Ed and Jennifer. As we share "Evan's Message" with our audiences, may we never forget to remember it as we face our own challenges. We are grateful and proud to have known Evan and his family, and even more so to include them as part of our own family.