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Winged Ambassadors Birds of Prey Educational ProgramMaster Falconer Dale Arrowood


Formed in 2005 by Conservationist Dale Arrowood.

Bird Shows and Encounters

We offer both static and flighted educational shows.

The "Unfeathered" Team

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Dale Arrowood. Master Falconer. Owner

Dale started working with raptors in the late 60’s as a young boy growing up on the family’s farm in Palmetto, Ga. He became interested while watching Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom” on Sunday afternoons with Jim Fowler and Marlin Perkins. When he began to work with and learn about these beautiful creatures, he developed an interest in the ancient art and sport of falconry. Dale continued to work and hunt with his birds of prey while serving in law enforcement. After 27 years in law enforcement, Dale was forced to retire due to a cervical injury. However, his injury did not stop his work with raptors.

November News

Dale's Arrowood's grandson Cooper (8) has some health issues. Today he was taken into hospital for a growth removal on his back.

He has a story.

"My grandson, Cooper was born with bilateral clubfoot. His case was more complicated than Atlanta doctors could handle so he sees a clubfoot specialist in Saint Louis. Miracle Flights is an organization that provides free flights for children with medical conditions around the country to get to the doctors they need and has been a blessing for Cooper. They are having a Christmas card decorating contest this year and Cooper designed this one. Please click on the picture and "like" it to help him win. Remember you must click on the picture and like it for your vote to count, not just like this post. Thank you!"

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Please share Cooper's story from Miracle Flights. Dale also has a link on his page to Like. He needs as many votes/ likes as possible.



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Places we have Flown BirdsWe primarily travel around the South Eastern United States.

Our primary venue is Historic Banning Mills, Whitesburg, GA.

Our TV and Movie StarsCzar, our Eurasion Eagle owl is now an "A list" move star!!!!

Raw Travel TV"The Surprising South" Episode 316

The Walking DeadSeason 2

The Fast and Furious 8Premieres 14 April 2017

Winged Ambassadors Birds of Prey

Sharpsburg, GA.